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Status: national
Organization type: association
Scope: general
Contact: Gianfranco Visentin (General Secretary)

Address: Via A. Volta, 46 - Trento - IT. Zip code (C.A.P.): 38123
Telephone/Fax: 39 0461.91.39.60
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Mycological interest: Macrofungi, Wood-decay fungi
Applied interest: field mycology, toxicology, mapping, conservation, taxonomy
Portrait: The Associazione Micologica Bresadola was founded in Trento, 7 December 1957 with the denomination of "Gruppo Micologico G. Bresadola". This denomination derives from the Abbot Giacomo Bresadola, one of the most important mycologist. Only in 1987 it changes its name into " Associazione Micologica Bresadola ".

It is governed by the Board of Directors composed of 11 members. They continue in office for four years and they are reelegible.The Board of Directors elects among its members the President, the Vice-President, the Secretary, the Treasures. The membership are 11,000 divided into 132 local groups (There are also 400 foreings members, societies and privates). The aims of the Association are to associate people who are interested in mycology and in knowledge and conservatio of the botanic and ambiental patrimony. The Association carries on an intense activity in differents fields.: editorial, scientific, legislative and local activity due to every group. It cooperates with State, regions, and institutes for the realizzation of rules that regulates the mycological subject. Into the Association there is the Mycologic Study Center whic aims are: administration of the Bresadola Mycologic Library and in particular of the bibliography acquisition and donation; creation of a scientific data bank on census and indexing of the fungus species; creation of a mycologic erbarium and of a data bank for toxicological problems.

Meetings: study's seminar, simposia and in particular toxicology's simposia are organised by the Mycologic Study Center. Scientific Commitee are held twice in a year (spring, autumn) lways in differents places. It is composed of 320 mycologist (italians, foreingers). Several smaller field meetings are held by local groups.

Contents: the herbarium contains specimens collected in Italy
Numbers of specimens: 12.500
Group held: Basidiomycetes, Ascomycetes, Deuteromycetes, Zygomycetes.
Catalogue: on database

the Bresadola's Library contains about 2.200 books today, and 100 periodicals. The list of the books and the periodicals of the library is avaiable into download to file "Titoli.zip". The library contains also older literature infact there is the original book "Nova Plantarum Genera", 1729, by P.A. Micheli (pagg. 234, Firenze).

- Rivista di Micologia (1957-), is published three times per year in Italy and contains articles on myclogy and Association news.
- Pagine di Micologia (1994-), is published two times per year and it is edit by Study Center.

- Conspectus Fungorum in Lusatiae Superioris Agro Niskiensi crescentium e methodo Persooniana, Albertini B. & Schweiniz L.D. (reprint)
- Fungorum Agri. Storia dei funghi dell'agro riminese, Battara J.A. (reprint)
- Omnia Bresadoliana extracta in unum collecta, pagg. 1055. - Lazzari G. - Trento. 1979
- Glossario micologico in 5 lingue, Lazzari G. - Trento 1980.
- Atlante Iconografico, Bellù F. & Lazzari G. - Trento 1985.
- Schede di micologia -Vol. 1 Funghi fimicoli e rari o interessanti del litorale toscano, Cacialli G., Caroti V. & Doveri F. - Brescia 1995.
- Monografia illustrata del Genere Russula in Europa Vol. 1, - Sarnari M. - Brescia, 1998.
- Atlante fotografico dei Funghi d'Italia, Vol. 1, Papetti C., Consiglio G. & Simonini G. - Brescia, 1999
- Contributio ad Cognitionem Coprinorum, Cacialli G., Caroti V. & Doveri F.- Brescia, 1999
- Funghi ipogei d'Europa, Montecchi A. & Sarasini M. - Brescia 2000
- Micologia 2000, - Fondazione Centro Studi Micologici - Brescia, 2000
- Atlante fotografico dei Funghi d'Italia, Vol. 2 Papetti C. & Consiglio G. - Brescia,2001
- Il Genere Cortinarius in Italia- I°, Consiglio G., D. & M. Antonini - Brescia 2003
- Il Genere Mycena in Europa, Robich G. - Brescia 2004.
- Il Genere Cortinarius in Italia- II°, Consiglio G., D. & M. Antonini - Brescia 2004.
- Funghi Fimicoli Italici , F. Doveri - Brescia 2004.
- Gasteromiceti epigei, M. Sarasini - Brescia 2004.
- Il Genere Cortinarius in Italia- III°, Consiglio G., D. & M. Antonini - Brescia 2005.
- Monografia illustrata del Genere Russula in Europa, Vol. 2, - Sarnari M. - Brescia, 2005.
- Il Genere Cortinarius in Italia- IV°, Consiglio G., D. & M. Antonini - Brescia 2006.
- Atlante fotografico degli "Ascomiceti d'Italia", Medardi G. - Brescia 2006.
- Il Genere Cortinarius in Italia- V°, Consiglio G., D. & M. Antonini - Brescia 2007.
- Funghi alpini, Jamoni P.G. - Brescia 2007.
- Il Genere Crepidotus in Europa, Consiglio G., L. Setti - Brescia 2008.
- Manuale Tecnico-pratico per indagini su campioni fungini, Follesa P. - Brescia 2009.
- Il Genere Cortinarius in Italia- VI°, Consiglio G. - Brescia 2013.
A brochure is published by Study Center every time a meeting is held.

Database: the Library, membership list, herbarium and mapping are avaible on database. The Association is preparing the list of all the species published in its Library. The list will be avaible on database.

Membership fee 2014
- Italy € 13,00 - Europe € 25,00 - All the other countries € 35,00.
The registration is allowed only through one of the 128 Groups that compose the Associazione Micologica Bresadola
-From 2005 it is possible the simple subscription to the Rivista di Micologia, to the followings conditions: - Italy € 22,00 - European Countries € 40,00 - All the Countries € 45,00, plus adjustment of postal charges.
The fee may be paid by an international money orders or by a credit to the postal current account n. 16212383, made payable to the Associazione Micologica Bresadola - via A. Volta, 46, - I - 38123 Trento. The payments from abroad have to be made exclusively by international money orders as indicated above.

The General Secretary: Gianfranco Visentin


via A. Volta 46, I
38123 - Trento (TN)
C.F. 80017380223
Tel e Fax 0461.913960
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